Moab Brewery

Round 1: Scorpion Pale Ale & Dead Horse Amber Ale.


Unexpected Gem

So here we are at this not-so-popular spot in Utah, simply because I wanted my kids to see & experience petrified wood. So we found this place not far from Bryce Canyon – it’s a Utah State Park – relatively new — with hookups & not very expensive. There’s several trails to see petrified wood — although there’s a big chunk in front of the main restroom building.

A bit of culture in the wilderness.

Found a tumbleweed!

Making smores.



Nona in Mama’s Chacos

Nona in Mama’s Crocs

Monument Valley & Surrounds

tse ii ahi

Navajo: we walk in beauty

Tsai Skizzi Rock (6312′)


Margarita #3 | Cowgirl BBQ, Santa Fe

Santa Rosa, NM | Route 66

More from Santa Rosa, NM | Route 66


Route 66

Just drove through Santa Rosa, NM, on historic Route 66.

Earth Locker | Beef Jerky


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